Monday, 26 April 2010

Roast Chicken...One day late.

Money has been a bit tight of late to say the least, but things do seem to be on the up so happy face's all around and about time to! I am quite a traditionalist in some ways and one thing that i always try to do is the obligatory Sunday Roast and due to cash flow problems i could not conjure one up yesterday, but today is a different story and I am very excited at the prospect of roast potato's indeed!
I went to the local shops and bought a large free range chicken and everything else i need to make the perfect spring time roast dinner including lemons, sage and white wine. I will be reporting back later with some yummy looking photo's and recipe's to accompany it, so do please pop back for a look!

I am very sorry to report that my camera has decided it no longer wants to work so I was unable to take any photo's which is rather dissapointing for me and you!
I can give you an account in words of the delicious meal I prepared and I am afraid that will have to do! First of all I smeared my chicken in butter and sprinkled with cracked pepper, sea salt and some sage and then shoved a lemon up it's behind for that spring time flavour! I also put banana shallots in the roasting tin with the chicken with there skins still on to stop them burning.
I made roast potato's by par boiling them, draining them and giving them a good shake in the saucepan to ruff up the edges so they go nice and crispy. I put goose fat in a roasting tin on the highest setting in the oven so it was smoking hot and then put my potato's in there and shoved them in the oven to go all gooey on the inside and crispy and sticky on the outside, and I would like to point out that I don't always have a jar of goose fat lying around it was one of my foodie Christmas preasents from my Mummy, but a good tip is to drain any excess fat from whatever meat your roasting and put it in the fridge for your next roast, but of course make sure you leave a bit in the tin to make your gravy!
To go with the chicken and potato's I did steamed some chard and broccoli, honey roast parsnips, my famous cauliflour cheese( only famous actually if your my best friend Gemma or me who perticually love cheese based food) mashed swede and mashed potato...What's that you say, mashed and roast potato? Well yes, me and my brother always demanded of my Mother that we had to have roasted and mashed potato's with our Sunday roast, decedant you may think but come on, why choose when you can have both! And to finish I made gravy in the roasting tin used to cook the chicken by placing it over the hob and pushing the shallotts out of there skin and stiring in flour to soak up the fat, I then added some vegetable bouilloun powder and a glass of white wine a little at a time, stiring continuously. I saved all the water that I bloiled my swede, and potato's in and used that to finish the gravy and there you have it, my spring time roast chicken! And just to inform you all that my lovely Brother is going to let me borrow him camera for an extended period of time so I will be able to post some photo's up very soon.

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