Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My first ever Macaroons

I went to stay with my wonderful Mummy and her equally wonderful Husband Dave at the stunning countryside retreat 'Oxon Hoath' where my Mum lives and works for a spot of baking which hasn't always been my strong point due to the fact I am not a follower of recipes and just like to throw it all in, and apparently that doesn't work to well when it comes to cakes and things! So under strict instructions from Mum to follow the recipe exactly I attempted to make some Rose and pistachio macaroons which I have always coveted when looking through the window of the patisserie close to where I live, there is something very 'Alice in Wonderland' about them!
Well I did as I was told and turned out some rather perfect and delicious macaroons if I do say so myself, they looked good enough to sell!



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  1. These look amazing - would love to try macaroons but not a huge fan of almond. Must look and see if there is anything else that can be used - u have inspired me - ta