Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My adventures in Melbourne Australia.

One of the best decisions I have made in my life so far was to go and live in Melbourne Australia for as long as I could, so with my flight paid for and £500 in my bank account I set off alone into the unknown for an adventure and what an adventure it was, if not slightly terrifying at the same time! I managed to get myself a room at a so called 'backpackers' in St Kilda which I first had to clear about 2 years of rubbish from and clean in exchange for a weeks free rent which seemed like a great deal at first, but slowly became more trouble than it was worth due the amount of unidentified dead things and old bed frames I had to haul out of there, it only took me four days, but wasn't to shabby in the end! BBQ's became a large part of my life when living there and oh how me and my backpacker friends barbecued, huge steaks, rissoles, sausages or 'snags' as the Aussies call them and some of the most amazing and freshest seafood I have ever tasted which was all purchased from one of the many huge food markets always bursting with such tempting produce. I spent many a happy day trawling those markets and picking up treats!
I bet your all wondering how i managed to pay for these 'treats' when I only went to Australia with £500 in my bank, well I got myself a job as a waitress at 'Leroys Espresso' on Acland Street in St Kilda, a fabulous cafe selling some of the yummiest food I have ever eaten, I never thought I would praise any breakfast higher than a good old English fry up but my God the breakfasts served there were out of this world, eggs benedict, corn and zucchini fritters with chili sauce, fresh mint and natural yogurt, cooked to order pancakes with fruit compote or bananas and syrup, healthy versions of an English fry up, home made muesli, bircher muesli, fruit bread, porridge and lovingly made muffins baked fresh each morning! One of my favourite combinations was poached egg, sauteed spinach, avocado, mushrooms, fried tomato, toasted sourdough and hollindaise sauce to dip into, heaven on a plate indeed, oh and I did I mention you will never find a better made cup of delicious coffee anywhere else in the world.


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