Friday, 15 June 2012

Summer Berry Crumble

Rain sun, rain sun, rain sun....... Make your mind up weather (choose sun please)...This is a recipe that has summer berries to remind you it is ment to be Summer but also has a lovely buttery, almond crumble topping that is perfect on one of these rainy nights we've been having.

4 Apples peeled and cored
Half a punnet of strawberries hulled and cut in half
Large handful of blueberries
Raspberries (mind had gone mouldy so had to leave them out)
Caster sugar
Muscovado sugar
Half a pack of butter
Ground Almonds

Toss the fruit in a bit of caster sugar and add a small amount of water.

Next make your crumble topping by rubbing together butter, flour, ground almonds, caster sugar and muscovado sugar which gives it a nice caramelised flavour.

I love crumble with a scoop of really good quality vanilla ice cream or if your lucky then home-made is the best of all.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Duck Pancake Rolls

I love duck pancake rolls, it's my favourite thing to get from the Chinese although I can't even remember the last time I actually got a Chinese because let's be honest they are generally a  disappointment and I always end up feeling a bit sick so making my own was the only way to go.

To do proper Chinese roast duck it takes many hours but I just did two duck legs which I pricked the skin of, poured boiling water over and then dried with a hairdryer to make the skin as crispy as possible. I then covered the skin in honey and Chinese five spice powder before slow roasting in the oven.

After around an hour in the oven the skin was crispy and fell off the bone. I was naughty and bought the pancakes and Hoi Sin sauce from the local Asian supermarket.

They were just as delicious as the ones from the takeaway and I had ten of them, yes that's right ten.

 Now go make some of your own and eat ten or maybe even twelve, go crazy!