Friday, 16 April 2010

First day at Bills!

Today I had my trial shift at the yummy 'Bills' in Brighton to be there brand spanking new commis chef and I believe it went rather well! I had to be there at 9am and I was very nervous as this would be my first time in a professional kitchen and wasn't entirly sure what to expect. My first task of the day was to make two vegetarian quiches from scrath, so armed with the recipie I made two very lovely looking quiches and was rather pleased with myself, they looked edible,horay! Next I made a vat of guacamolie which was easy peasy and my final quest for the day was to make a batch of haddock and prawn pies and a batch of chicken pies which I think were my biggest triumph of the day, they looked like a professional had made them!
I was asked to try everything I made, it all tasted great and the head chef was pleased with me, so all in all a very good day was had, oh yes but apart from the layer of skin I burnt off my arm when removing the pies from the oven, that was not so great. If you have never been to Bills and you happen to be in the East Sussex area you really should come in for luch or just to purchase some of the produce that is also sold on the premises like fruit, veg, local cheese, meat, jams, chutneys, fresh pasta...the list could go on! I have added some photo's of Bills so you can see how tempting it is for yourself!



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