Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Stawberry and Raspberry Trifle

I adore trifle, laden with all that cream, custard and lovely fruit, it reminds me of long hot summer days, pimms with mint, cucumber and strawberries and running through sprinklers! It also reminds me of Christmas when my Mum makes one with Damson's or plums with crystallized violets on top which is delicious(My Mum said I mention her a bit often in my blog but I have just done it again so take that Mother!)
This is a very very simple version without jelly or sherry and I have cheated by using good quality shop bought Maderia cake and vanilla custard and the result was absolutely fabulous darling!!

One packet of maderia cake
Large pot of whipping cream
pot of vanilla custard
punnet of raspberries
punnet of strawberries
Good quality strawberry jam

My naughty shop bought Maderia cake cut into slices.

I covered the slices of maderia cake in 'Bon Mamma' strawberry jam.

I then covered the cake in strawberries and raspberries.

Look! The custard I used instead of making my own, I'll tell you what though Sainsburys 'taste the difference' Madagascan vanilla custard is truly delicious and has lot's of real bits of black vanilla in it which can't be a bad thing.

Instead of the usual one layer of cake and fruit, I went for two with a layer of custard in between.

I can assure you that is custard and not cream, if you look very closely you can see the vanilla..ooohhhhhh

Sorry about the less than great view from my balcony but I think my trifle needed some natural light to show it in all it's trifle glory!

The best thing of all about my trifle is that my stupid boyfriend doesn't like trifle so ha bloody ha to him because I'm going to eat it all and if I put on any weight then it's his fault for not liking the trifle.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Spring Chicken with Braised Leeks and Mashed Peas

As it's been so God damn hot recently instead of the usual roast dinner that I always try to make on a Sunday I decided to go for something lighter.
Chicken, peas and leeks seems decidedly Spring themed to me so I went with that. I roasted a whole chicken because you can get a couple of days worth of meals out of it and it's good to be a bit frugal every now and then!
For my mashed peas, I cooked frozen petite pois in butter, white wine and chicken stock for a couple of minutes, then added pepper and creme fraiche before blitzing.



I also made some delicious braised leeks by slicing them length ways, putting in a dish with white wine, chicken stock, butter and black pepper so basically all the things I put in my peas apart from the creme fraiche!

It was a truly delicious meal to eat on my breezy balcony watching the sun set on my ever loved Brighton.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Nasi Gorang Curry and Scampi Fries.....

I was trawling the isle of my local Asian supermarket getting ingredients for my Thai curry including nasi gorang paste, pork and prawn dumplings and veg.
I got home and started to prepare my lovely curry.





Whilst making the curry my lovely boyfriend came home from work with a treat for me, a pack of scallops which he knows I love but he absolutely hates. They weren't on the shell from a fishmonger they were in a packet from Sainsburys,to be fair my boyfriend knows nothing of food and would not know any better and that I would prefer my scallops big fat and juicy and preferably not in a packet like these came. But you must never look a gift horse in the mouth!
I had recently seen Heston Blumethal make his scampi fries by coating scampi in ground down scampi fries dust and thought I would do a dodgy version of that because I have a secret love for Scampi Fries so why not.


As I have said in a previous post I have lost my pestle and morter so had to use the back of a spoon to crush the fishy snacks and the result was not as fine as I wanted but I went ahead none the less.

I fried the little scampi coated scallops for a minute or so on each side.

And do you know what they were bloody delicious and I ate them all! They don't exactly go with Thai curry but I will make them again with a lemon mayonnaise dip as a special treat for myself and a lucky friend.

Monday, 18 April 2011

My Blog Was One Year old The Other Day......

All I seem to do at the moment is work and feel like I am neglecting my blog, so much so that I didn't even realise my blog was a year old on the 14th of April.
Well happy first Birthday my lovely little blog and I promise not to neglect you like that ever again.....just one more 16 hour shift to go until I'm free for a whole two days and I promise to do a bloody post.

Here is a photo of Piri Piri roast chicken that I stuffed with wild Garlic and served with roast Anya Potatoes (special knobbly little potatoes), roast courgette, salad and mayo..This is the best I can do at the moment so there you go!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Simple Creamy Mushroom Soup

It's spring but it's also April and that means there are showers, lot's of them and it put me in the mood for soup. Whenever I make soup I tend to see what veggies need using up in my fridge and today it was huge field mushrooms that had begun to turn slightly slimy. I also had a pot of cream leftover from my cheesy leeks that I had made as part of Sunday dinner and a gorgeous little jar of black truffle paste.

Any Mushrooms dried/fresh
chopped onion
Minced Garlic
Beef stock
Double Cream
Truffle Paste
Black Pepper

Just chop and gently saute the onions and garlic in the butter and oil, when they are soft add your mushrooms and truffle paste, fry for around 5 min's before adding your stock, cream and pepper. Gently cook until the earthy mushroom flavours have penetrated the cream and then give it a rough blitz with a hand blender leaving nice chunks of mushroom.

I have to admit that although this soup was delicious I could only manage a tiny bowl as it was very rich and could imagine it working well as a pasta sauce.

I used my boyfriends nephew's Toy Story bowl because I like it, so there you go, make of it what you will.