Thursday, 3 February 2011

Creamy Spinach Fettucini

I am not going to claim this pasta dish as some kind of culinary masterpiece but it is delicious and oh so easy peasy to make. I needed something quick before going to work in the evening and so threw togther some baby leaf spinach, cream, parmasan and freashly ground mixed peppercorns into some fettucini, voila!



  1. The pasta dish looks yummy. I love creamy pasta dishes, will give this a try. Came across your blog and just wanted you to know It's got me hooked already. will be back to read your entire blog tomorrow when I've more time.

  2. Thankyou so much Karen Im really glad you like my blog. It's always nice to meet fellow food bloggers!

  3. I feel guilty posting these classics, but just looking at it, I know how good it tasted.