Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A Few oF my Favourite things.....Macaroni Cheese

Oh How do I count the ways I love thee..... So easy and so comforting, perfect for cold January days. All you need is a good home-made cheese sauce pored over cooked macaroni with more cheese and a bit of Parmesan for that extra crispy topping, pop in the oven for 10Min's and then serve with whatever you fancy. I decided a thick slice of gammon, corn and fried tomato's, the creamyness of the mac N cheese with the salty ham, perfect.



  1. I think I have died and gone to heaven! Mac N Cheese is delicious. One question... to 'truffle' or not to 'truffle'... what's your view? Everywhere seems to do truffled macaroni cheese these days.

  2. I am a Mac N Cheese purist and would have to say I like it truffle-less! Not that I woulden't like to give it a try but I think I will always be a classic Mac N Cheese kinda girl!!