Monday, 2 August 2010

sausage with bubble and squeak cakes and a rather yummy chicken, bacon and leek pie

I have been having very strong carb cravings due to me trying to be a bit healthier and cutting down on bread, potato's, pasta and such like, I'm not gonna lie, it's been hard and at some points emotional. So I totally gave in and went a bit carb mad over the last few days starting with some fat juicy sausages from the butchers served alongside my bubble and squeak cakes filled with bacon and cabbage and smothered in roast onion gravy. Such a simple thing to make and so God damn delicious it can never be a bad thing in my opinion.



As if the sausage and potato feast wasn't enough the next day I made a 'Chicken, bacon and leek pie' with mounds of buttery mash and savoy cabbage. I browned off some corn fed chicken legs and thighs and then added bacon lardons, chopped leeks and then sweat them off in butter and white wine before adding a dash of cream at the end. I was naughty and bough puff pastry but it was still very good and I wasn't complaining!

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