Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sunday Roast Beef and The Coach House

Oh how I love a good Sunday roast and this Sunday's was particularly good as we had my favourite roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with all the trimmings including a very yummy cauliflower cheese and home-made red wine gravy but alas I forgot to take a picture until it was just to late and the whole lot had been scoffed and I am
still not in possession of the camera I was going to borrow off my Brother over dinner with our Mum so it may have not been the best photo anyway. But we
did have a great dinner with our lovely Mum at 'The Coach House' on Middle Street in Brighton where we had a great meal starting off by sharing scallop's with parsnip puree, pistachio dust and vegetable crisps which was absolutely heavenly and I could have easily eaten it twice over again!
For our mains my brother ordered the rib eye steak with peppercorn sauce and chips, my Mum had roast mackerel and I ordered the beef pie but unfortunately they had run out so I copied my Brother and had steak to that was cooked perfectly to medium rare and last but not least my Mum had home made Cinnamon ice cream which was some of the best ice cream I have ever tasted and me and my Brother went for caramelised banana with roasted marshmallow, chocolate ganache and vanilla ice cream, all very yummy indeed and i would highly recommend them not just for the food but for the lovely atmosphere and service to.


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