Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Warm Halloumi and Harissa Salad



Here is a very simple recipe for a tasty warm halloumi salad that I think is just right for the weather, rather cold  but with some lovely sun!

Halloumi sliced ( I had 4 slices But I'm greedy)
One Red Onion
Sweet long Red Pepper
Small Vine Tomatoes
Chopped Mint

It's just a case of pan frying the onion and peppers in a spoon of the harissa, using some of the lovely oil you get in the jar with it and cook for around five minutes before adding the tomatoes, which I sliced in half. You want the onions to almost caramelise so they get that lovely sweet flavour and when this has happened put the contents of your pan onto a plate and put the sliced halloumi in the same pan and fry on both sides. When the halloumi is all crispy on the outside and a but soft in the middle, lay it on top of your onion, pepper and tomato mixture and sprinkle over some chopped mint.

My lovely friend bought me a jar of home made harissa from a lady at her local farmers market in Lewes, East Sussex.

The harissa give the halloumi a lovely golden colour a bit like saffron, very pretty.


  1. I gather from Google that haroumi is a cheese? This is most interesting. I am curious that your blog does not offer identity via name and url. Therefore I have no idea if you even receive my comments. If you care to reply, please do so here:

  2. Looks gorge, I would pay good money to eat that! Lovely to see you back blogging x

  3. Stephan I do always see your comments and have also replied to the e-mail you left me before! How strange.

  4. a little bowl of sunshine on a cold day ! wonderful. I put a little bit on my blog about your blog. all the best rosatporkwithcrackling.

  5. Kevin I just read what you said on your blog about me and some opther bloggers, how very very lovely of you!x

  6. I was just speaking the truth ! keep on blogging ! and the sausage rolls were a mint combination ! x