Sunday, 14 October 2012

Chilli Jam

I know it's only October but I have started to think about Christmas already and how I can be a bit more frugal this year with the whole present buying thing. I always tend to go over board and so have decided to make every ones presents in the form of little food hampers.This is a really easy recipe for chili jam that I got from Nigella Lawson and this the first addition to food hampers!

  • 150 grams long red chilli pepper
  • 150 grams Red peppers
  • 1 kilograms Jam sugar
  • 600 ml cider vinegar

 First thing you need to Sterilise your jars and leave to cool, I did this by washing them in boiling hot water and washing up liquid and then put them in the oven for around 10mins on a low temperature.
To make the chilli jam first cut-up the chillies and put into a food processor and pulse until they are finely chopped. Next add the chunks of red pepper and pulse again.
Dissolve the sugar in the vinegar in a pan over a low heat without stirring and although it is tempting to stir you must make sure you don't!
Next you need to add the chilli-pepper mixture into the pan and bring to the boil, then leave it boiling for ten minutes and after that take the pan off the heat and allow it cool-
After about 40 minutes or when you can see the jam is beginning to settle ladle into your jars and seal tightly.
It's a really easy recipe and looks gorgeous, when it's closer to the time I will cover with fabric, tie a ribbon around them and attach a tag with the date I made the chilli jam.


  1. wowzers!... like jewels in a jar!... great recipe, love it... will start my jamming soon x

  2. Bit sweet for my palate, though the colour looks wonderful and I bet they'll be appreciated.

    Why must you not stir the sugar and vinegar?

  3. This does look lovely. Chilli jam is so useful for so many things - whenever I make it I might intend to give some away but I usually end up keeping it all myself. Oh and I'm definitely not thinking about Christmas at all.

  4. It's early to be thinking of Christmas but I needed to make the jam in advance!
    And San I know this is awful but I am not actually sure why you are not ment to stir but in every jam recipe I have looked at they all the same thing, don't stir! I tried to find out why but couldn't find anything!

  5. What thickens it into a jam? I want to make jalapeno jam. I'll only see a reply if you can write to

  6. I use jam sugar which has pectin in it and thats what sets it.

  7. These look beautiful - I would be so chuffed to get one of these at Christmas. Homemade things are so lovely x

  8. They look lovely and what a brilliant idea for a present. Clever girl.