Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cheddar & Marmite Sausage Rolls

Oh the absolute joy of being able to blog again, it has been such a horrible two months trying to replace stolen items and have back and forth pointless exchanges with the police. The people who broke into our house have not been found and I'm guessing they never will be which I am not surprised about, the bastards, I hope their extremities drop off and they contract the black death..
Anyway enough of that it is done and you move on, I have been cooking and baking more than ever and I believe it to be because I am starting my 'Culinary Arts' degree in just a couple of weeks and am beyond excited, but this is not exactly a culinary masterpiece that I am giving a recipe for, but who doesn't like sausage rolls? And of course you can make your own puff pastry for this but I had ready made in the freezer so that is what I used. Also I am using an iphone to take these photo's so bare with me while I try to make them look half decent!

Role of shop bought puff pastry
Good quality pork sausages, skinned
Grated Cheddar
1 Egg beaten

I mixed my sausage meat with grated strong Cheddar and a rather large dessert spoon of Marmite as it looses a bit of it's flavour when cooked.

I spread a layer of Marmite on the pastry before laying my meat mixture on top.

I like my sausage rolls quite big but make them smaller if you like, I brushed them with beaten egg before putting in the over at around gas mark 6 for 20 minutes.

And here they are, the Marmite makes the pastry get a gorgeous sticky savoury goo around the edges and they were lovely. Great things to make with kids or for lunchboxes.


  1. Lovely to see you back and what a cracker of a recipe. Good for you for bouncing back. Good luck with your Degree x

  2. I must Google Marmite at once as I have no idea what it is, and probably can't get it here (Wash. DC). Nonetheless this looks fun. Sorry about the break in, but life goes on, don't it?

    1. Marmite is a savoury product made from spent brewer's yeast. Intended as a spread for bread or toast, a small amount (half a teaspoon +/-) adds a umami hit to things like stews.

      It's expensive for a waste product.

      Australia has a similar product in Vegemite.

      Just looked, and Wiki has a bit:

  3. I really do try to like marmite - honest. But you can't beat a good sausage roll. Sorry that you've had such a bad time - it's good to see you back. Best of luck with the start of the degree course.

  4. Ahh thanks guys and Stephen life does go on! Marmite is a yeast extract spread which has a very very strongly savoury flavour, as we say in the UK you either love it or hate it!
    Thanks for the good luck Phil, I really can't wait!

  5. Hey! Welcome back :).

    Sossidge rolls is good; Marmite and cheese is good: sounds like a recipe :).

    Best wishes for your course.

  6. welcome back! these soss rolls are making me hungry. i love marmite - have never tried it this way before though. p.s all the best with your soon-to-start culinary degree, how exciting.