Monday, 18 April 2011

My Blog Was One Year old The Other Day......

All I seem to do at the moment is work and feel like I am neglecting my blog, so much so that I didn't even realise my blog was a year old on the 14th of April.
Well happy first Birthday my lovely little blog and I promise not to neglect you like that ever again.....just one more 16 hour shift to go until I'm free for a whole two days and I promise to do a bloody post.

Here is a photo of Piri Piri roast chicken that I stuffed with wild Garlic and served with roast Anya Potatoes (special knobbly little potatoes), roast courgette, salad and mayo..This is the best I can do at the moment so there you go!


  1. Happy late blog Birthday! We enjoy your posts! Keep them coming.

  2. Oh wow congratulations on the 1 year blogiversary!!! I turned 1 a few weeks back too and I didn't stop going on about it and neither should you. It's a great achievement so well done x

  3. Happy blog anniversary! Look forward to having you back blogging.

  4. Happy Blog Birthday!

    I love Piri Piri and this dish sounds gorgeous, I'd love to see more of your recipes, maybe when your not so busy though, 16h shifts sound horrid! The only thing I can do for 16hr straight is bake. x

  5. Thank you for the lovely messages, Im working as a deputy manager in a Gastro Ppub and it's very hard work and is taking up lot's of my time. Today a lovely man that owns a gorgeous cafe round the corner from me came in and gave me a bag of lovely cakes and pastries as he know's how long my shifts are and thought I would like them, how right he was,It cheered my day up no end!xxxx