Saturday, 26 June 2010

Cherries and Halloumi but not together!

I am very prone to having a look around the aisles at my local Aldi as you can find some great bargains there occasionally, especially in the fruit and veg section and yesterday was particularly wonderful as they were selling big punits of gorgeous ripe cherries for 69p and considering how expensive cherries are usually I thought this was a great bargain and have been eating cherries in Greek yogurt for my breakfast for the last few days. I am off to buy more today to make some kind of summery pudding with them and will hopefully be putting the results on here!


I don't know about the rest of you but I love love love halloumi, what's not to love about crispy on the outside soft on the inside salty tangy fried cheese served with roasted vine ripened tomato, fresh salad and olive oil on a hot summers day. The only bad point is the incredible moersihness of this crispy fried treat that I ate a whole packet of at lunchtime today, whoops.


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  1. Haha, I've eaten cherries and halloumi together all my life. Growing up with cypriot parents, breakfast throughout my life was toast and cherry jam, topped with a few slices of uncooked halloumi. Still is. Try it, it's suprisingly tasty. Sweet and salty, mmmm.