Thursday, 8 March 2012

Spicy Vegetable Chilli...... with meat in it!

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When you work a mixture of split shifts including ones that start at 4pm and don't finish until 2am eating properly can sometimes be difficult and I realised last night that I hadn't eaten a home cooked meal for about a week and had been existing on sandwiches, cereal and what could be eaten making the least noise at 2.30 in the morning!
So basically after eating an array of yellow coloured food and bread for the last week I was really craving lot's and lot's of vegetables and with the freezing weather and lashing down rain they had to be hot so I made a kind of chilli that was heavy on the veg without my usual additions of red wine and dark chocolate. And you can always replace the meat with more veg or quorn if your vegetarian or just don't fancy meat that day!

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500g Beef Mince
2 Red onions
4 Cloves of garlic
2 Chilli's with seeds
8 Mushrooms
1 Large courgette
4 Sticks of celery
1 red pepper
I tin of mixed beans
1 Tin of chopped tomatoes
Tomato paste
2 Teaspoons of cumin
2 Teaspoons of hot chilli powder
Salt and Pepper

It's a simple dish to put together, all you have to do is prep your veg and start by frying the onions, garlic and chilli in a little oil before adding the rest of your veg and letting it cook for around 5 minutes. Next add the spices and let it cook for a few mins before adding the mince and letting it colour and finally add your tomato paste, tin tomatoes and beans. I left it to cook for around 40 minutes and ate it covered with grated cheese and a chunk of tiger bread.

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  1. Different balance for basic chilli here:
    don't usually have 500g mince but about 10 - 12 oz (say 350g); 2 tins tomatoes; at least 2, maybe 3, tins of beans (red, black-eyed, butter, whatever); no celery or courgette. Also add about 1 tbsp flour to thicken, and 1/2 tsp Marmite and 1 or 2 tsp Worcester Sauce for that umami hit, and maybe a slosh of light soy sauce. Otherwise, it's the same recipe :)

  2. I tend to only add onions, peppers and beans as my chilli veg! So for me this is a new way of doing it, but clearly is infact the old way of doing it!!!

  3. Sometimes you've got to bust out good hearty homecooked meal haven't you? I've been hetic at work too and not cooking for pleasure makes blogging tricky, doesn't it.

  4. Very interesting recipe and unusual too. Thanks for sharing!

  5. So often the hearty simple things that are the best. This looks grand for a grey day like today. Thank you!

  6. This chilli looks just amazing!!!! I love all the vivd colors!

  7. Mmm another food blog to follow. Love it x