Saturday, 19 May 2012

Hollandaise Sauce

 I have always been a bit to frightened to make hollandaise sauce as the few time I have it has gone wrong, but at last I have made it with no problems by following Nigel Slaters recipe from his book 'Appetite' which I recently bought and absolutely adore. It's not your run of the mill recipe book, if you are the kind of person who loves reading cookery books like a fiction book then this is perfect and I urge you to go out and buy a copy, I spent the whole day reading it from cover to cover....

Hollandaise Sauce from 'Appetite' by Nigel Slater

3 Large Egg Yolks
250g Butter
Half a lemon

Put a pan of water on to boil and find a glass or heatproof china bowl that will fit neatly into it without actually touching the water. Add the yolks and a splash of water. Whisk, pouring in the melted butter, slowly.

When the sauce thickens up whisk a little faster. Once it is thick and creamy, squeeze in a little lemon juice. And if it starts to curdle either add an ice cube or a splash of boiling water and that should do the trick according to Nigel!

And what better way to enjoy hollandaise sauce than with egg's benedict? Well with the new season asparagus actually but the shops had all sold out..


  1. ooh i just love eggs benedict. very impressed with your sauce hollandaise. may have to check out 'appetite' - reading cookbooks is one of my favourite pastimes!

  2. me too me too but wow... what a sauce and YES PLEASE eggs benedict!

  3. This is mouthwatering! It is a treat to have homemade hollandaise. Yummmy yummy!

  4. Lovely! This is one of my favorite sauces - especially with eggs Benedict.

  5. You might want to check your spelling.

  6. nice! I've just written an article on Hollandaise for a local website, must be the time of year.

  7. Thanks for the recipe. I love hollandaise sauce, especially from a homemade recipe!