Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Well how lovely for me, I have been given the versatile blogger award from one of my favourite blogging lady's from 'Fallen From Flavour' so thank you so much and I guess I have to tell seven random things about myself......

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1. I don't believe in any God and in fact I have quite strong views on the whole religion thing in general ( food blog not a place for said views) but I do in fact believe in Faery's/Fairys.
They are real, they do exist and I won't have anyone tell me otherwise!

2. I love dog's more than other animal in the whole world, they are loyal and give you unconditional love. I even have my old dog's name 'Loki' tattooed on my wrist and no I don't care what people think!
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3. I used to wear tracksuits, Elizabeth Duke gold jewellery from Argos and have my ponytail pulled as tight as it would go on top of my head with a massive attitude problem when I was a teenager growing up in London, what was I thinking, my Mother didn't bring me up to dress or act like that, vile vile vile!
Although now I am the owner of a rather extensive tattoo collection in the style of 'Old Skool' and would rather stick needles in my eyes than wear a tracksuit, so glad I grew out of that phase!
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4. I adore cheese in all its forms but mainly as a sauce all over other things like macaroni cheese, cauliflower cheese or gammon with cheese sauce pored all over it. The worst thing I do though is eat dairyleay dunkers and cheese moments and I don't even have to be hungover to do it, probably shouldn't admit to that on here.

5.I have a very unhealthy Ebay and Etsy obsession, 'oh Ive been paid, why don't I go and spend all my wages on clothes that don't fit me and hand made egg cups, yea that's what I'll do, good idea'

6. I have a huge collection of silk scarfs and bandanna's that I like to wear almost every day tied on my head in a lovely big 1950's style bow, my favourite is my red and white check vivienne Westwood one I got off e-bay for £8, bargain!
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This photo is a bit old as I have now have platinum blonde hair after being red/orange for about 6 years!

7. I still sleep with my childhood teddy bear, his name is Teddy and he only has one arm due to my little brother pulling it off when we were children (bastard)
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I have chosen 15 other blogs to award the 'Versatile Blogger' award to and they are listed below, but if you don't want to do it I totally understand and will try not to get upset about it, so there you are.xx

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I won't be offended if any of you guys don't want to do it but at least you all know I love ya blogs eh!xxLink


  1. Thank you so much! I will definitely try and join in but I am admittedly terrible at these things. I couldn't agree more about the cheese and cheese sauce, I bloody love the stuff! Mmm cauliflower cheese...I could eat it forever. X

  2. well thank you so much for the award, it is happily received and greatly appreciated. I love all your little personal insights... I can feel your passion for life oozing off the page... its funny how we push and push against life as a teenager ....but don't look back with regret, you HAD to go through that phase to become the you you are now... x

  3. Astral cheese sauce on anything is my number one top comfort food! And as I said please don't feel like you have to do it, it's just a but of fun!
    Dom yes you really do have to go through those awful phases as a teenager to become who you are later in life!xx

  4. Thanks P&R for the award - you charm as ever! Glad too to read about your life behind the food... I have yet to write my unplugged.... but it is pending, and I shall combine the two. best wishes to you xxx

  5. Thankyou very, very much for the award.

    I had forgot you mentioned this until I was staring at your lovely pasta above.

    Thanks again.

    Martin :0)