Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Brighton Food Festival.


Horay it's the Brighton Food Festival!! Well actually it started on the 1st of September and runs until the 7th of October but due to no internet I can only blog about it now.
As part of the celebrations today was the fiery food Chilli Festival that I went along to with my lovely friend Becky.
I do love spicy food but I can't handle very hot stuff as I found out today when I accidently ate the hottest chilli jam in the world. I saw a pot with 'Apple and Chili' jam written on it in the tasting tent and thought 'yum' that sounds good and so had a try, within in secomds I though my throat was going to close up and it was on closer inspection that the description next to jam claimed it as the hottest in the world due to the type of chilli they used in it, never again is all I can say on that one.
To cheer myself up I bought the most beautiful chilli plant called 'Numex Twilight' which has little chilli's that start off purple, then yellow, then orange before finally turning red when they are ripe.


All in all it was a lovely day with some great produce and lovely food and I will be going again next year for sure. Sorry about the lck of pictures but I did not have my camera with me, foolish I know.

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